How it works?

CA Clinics works within TGA regulations for medical cannabis therapies in Australia in conjunction with specialists in Oncology, Psychiatry, Chronic Pain, Addiction, Rehab and Women’s Health.

How we assist Australia's patients

Our medical services are nationwide currently via Telehealth, with bulk-billing available for patients who meet certain criteria.

Screening of

15 min call allowing our allied health professionals to assess your suitability for medical cannabis therapies. Questions about the service welcome!

DVA patients require a letter of support from their treating specialist.


Our CA Clinics specialist or GP deep dives into your case through easy-to-use telehealth. For unique cases such as veteran patients, CA Clinics offers extended care plans. Our FAQ page will help answer further questions.

Note: your doctor’s referral is preferred but not required. 


Regular monitoring consultations are important to track your progress. With your referring doctors kept in the loop, CA Clinics may ask patients to check in with the clinics every 2-3 months in the initial treatment stages. This is to ensure that your chronic conditions, such as TGA supported epilepsy or chronic pain, are responding well.

It is imperative for sufferers to have access to the resources and treatment that can best assist them at this time, and telehealth is certainly an increasingly important and safe avenue to provide this…

Medical cannabis is increasingly being explored as part of GP mental health treatment plans for a range of conditions. 

Dr Mark Hardy

Addiciton Specialist

Speaking to the The Green Fund

What about medical cannabis?

We understand that medical cannabis is still a fairly new idea in Australia, and terms like CBD, THC, endocannabinoid and others are still murky in public general knowledge. However, with the space growing so rapidly in Australia, we have worked closely with government bodies, researchers and medical teams to ensure that our patients are well informed of this up and coming form of healthcare. We recognise that this awareness is pivotal in supporting public safety. For more information, you can also read our blogs or sign up for our newsletter below.

Find out more about medical cannabis therapies

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