Book a Screening Appointment

Using a Telehealth model, our 15 minute Screening appointments provide a quick and convenient way to assess the suitability of a patient’s condition for medicinal cannabis treatment prior to discussing options with their own doctor.

It is a great opportunity for patients to gather as much information about the CBD oil and THC therapy type as they need. Patients discuss processes, medicinal cannabis costs and have any queries answered by our cannabis health professionals.

At CA Clinics, we provide Australia’s doctors and patients with two ways to begin their journey on medical cannabis treatments.

  1. Patients can get a Referral and Health Summary from their GP or specialist to send over to [email protected].
  2. Or fill out a Medical History Form if finding a referring doctor proves difficult. Please note, additional fees may apply through this process. See more here.

After going through an Initial Consultation, patients will be required to fill up a consent form.

For more information on our process, click here. You can also contact us at 1300 991 477 or [email protected].