How it works?

We provide alternative care plans that introduce CBD and THC therapies to replace ineffective ongoing treatments. See our process below.

If doctors are confident that their patients will be suitable, send a referral and medical history directly to

CA Clinics

Screening of suitability

A 15 minute call with our allied health professionals to assess your suitability for treatment. Once suitable, a patient is asked to send in a Referral and Health Summary to begin their chronic care journey. Note: DVA patients require a referral from a pain specialist.

Initial Consultation

Once we have received a patient’s Referral and Health Summary, the doctor deep dives into the patient’s case and assesses how to proceed with treatment.

CA Clinics Doctors and Patients

Post-Approval Consultation

After the Initial Consultation, our medical team applies for a TGA approval to accompany the doctor’s script. The doctor then briefs the patient on what to expect of their care and medication.

Ongoing Monitoring

This monthly consultation follows a patient’s progress, with dosages of CBD and THC adjusted in their prescriptions as needed and referring doctors kept in the loop.

Patient and medical staff

It is imperative for sufferers to have access to the resources and treatment that can best assist them at this time, and Telehealth is certainly an increasingly important and safe avenue to provide this…

Medical cannabis is increasingly being explored as part of GP mental health treatment plans for a range of conditions. 

Dr Mark Hardy

Addiciton Specialist

Speaking to the The Green Fund