Research Programs

CA Clinics is a strong advocate of the need for research and studies to form the basis for advancing therapies that may offer viable options for patients struggling to get desired outcomes from more traditional approaches.

We have partnered with Applied Cannabis Research to be actively involved in the research community by recruiting possible study candidates and providing consultation services to the participants. CA Clinics’ doctors actively monitor patient progress during the study.

Applied Cannabis Research

A research organisation undertaking a range of national, ethics approved, observational studies into various conditions where patients have exhausted conventional therapies.

Working with interested companies, authorities and clinicians, Applied Cannabis Research is staffed with academics, researchers and clinicians working in the field of medicinal cannabis in Australia and New Zealand.

Regularly adding to the range of studies, to date, ACR have included studies into the effect on conditions such as Chronic Pain, PTSD, Epilepsy and a number of others.

Please contact us if you are interested in collaborating with our team.

If you have patients who you think may be potential candidates for these studies or would like to find out more details about the studies underway please contact us for more information.

Pricing report
Australian Medicinal Cannabis Pricing Analysis