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Take advantage of CA Clinics’ highly experienced specialists and GPs and let them work with you on providing the right CBD or THC treatment solution based on your patient’s needs.

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Medical cannabis care model

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To begin your patient on medicinal cannabis, all you need to do is send in a referral to CA Clinics and attach their medical history. CA Clinics also offers Screening Appointments to assess your patient's suitability for medicinal cannabis treatments.

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Applications Authority

Once a patient has had a consult with a CA Clinics doctor, we organise approval applications for their medicinal cannabis prescriptions and organise the relevant paper work to begin therapy.


If approved for treatment, you will be notified of the relevant details and therapy plan going forward. We are happy to form part of a Team Care Arrangement where appropriate.


Monitoring is maintained during treatment to actively manage your patient’s progress and make adjustments where needed. You will be informed of any developments during the patient journey.

Doctors who can prescribe medicinal cannabis

CA Clinics navigates government pathways to help Australian doctors and patients access medicinal cannabis treatments more smoothly without tackling red tape.

CA Clinics’ medical team is comprised of GPs, nurse practitioners, and specialists in addiction, pain, epilepsy, psychiatry and emergency.

Our clinical team comprises of academics, researchers, consultants, nurses and pharmacists. These Australian-based healthcare professionals are trained in prescribing and managing medical cannabis treatments which may include THC or CBD oil

In order to provide your patients with the best legal cannabis treatment, we craft a team care arrangement which keeps you in the loop of your patients’ progress. This also addresses their need for more comprehensive therapy plans for their conditions that may include chronic pain, epilepsy or others commonly treated with medicinal cannabis where conventional treatments have been exhausted.

CA Clinics can attend to patients throughout the nation. This includes patients in ACT, NSW, Melbourne, Perth, Tasmania and South Australia. CA Clinics’ medical team also attends to Veteran patients who require specialised services to help them walk clearer corridors to DVA aid.

In essence, we are an outsourced solution for doctors wanting to offer a medical cannabis solution to their patients

All we need is a simple referral and medical history, we take care of the rest