Doctor Referral Form

To begin your patient’s medicinal cannabis treatment process with CA Clinics, patients are required to hand in a Doctor Referral Form and Medical History.

Referring a patient to CA Clinics

CA Clinics’ doctors and medical team are dedicated to providing medical cannabis services to patients throughout Australia in conjunction with their GPs and specialists.

To begin the process, patients need to provide CA Clinics doctors with a Doctor Referral Form from their GP or specialist along with a their Medical History.

Online Doctor Referral Form

Want to know more about medical cannabis?

We understand that patients might be hesitant and want to know more about medicinal cannabis therapy options including understanding medical cannabis components and whether their conditions are suitable for treatment.  

Instead of jumping straight into a paid consultation, patients can choose to book a 15 minute COMPLIMENTARY Screening Appointment with a CA Clinics’ allied health professional.

During this phone or video appointment, patients can be assessed for their suitability for medical cannabis treatments as well as have any questions answered.

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