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We recommend some patients to seek treatment at our affiliated online integrated clinic and pharmacy service CA Connect. 

CA Connect provides fast and affordable access to CBD oil for some mild health conditions. 

Recommended for patients that are:

  • Suffering from anxiety, insomnia and/or mild chronic pain.
  • Seeking CBD only product as a treatment option.
  • Do not suffer from multiple complex conditions and polypharmacy
  • Needing to still operate a vehicle or heavy machinery
  • No appointment required.

*No sign up fees. No referral or health summary required. 15 or 30 day treatment plan with ongoing support and follow ups. Max 30 day supply for prescriptions


We recommend some patients to book in for an appointment at CA Clinics.

CA Clinics works hand-in-hand with specialists in addiction, pain, oncology, DVA health & psychiatry, to treat patients with more severe and/or complex conditions.

Recommended for patients that are:
  • Suffering from more severe or complex conditions.
  • Seeking CBD and/or THC products as a treatment option.
  • Seeking consultation with a specialist (pain, oncology, DVA health, addiction & psychiatry).
  • Preliminary screening appointment required for suitability.

A simple referral (preferred not required’) and medical history from your doctor is required to start the process.