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Our whole-person philosophy brings Australia a full spectrum healthcare approach to tackling chronic illnesses through TGA regulated medicinal cannabis services.

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Access medical Cannabis Doctors at CA Clinics

Why CA Clinics is different

CA Clinics was the first healthcare network to bring medical cannabis therapies to Australia. Working hand-in-hand with specialists such as in Addiction, Pain, Oncology, DVA Health and Psychiatry, we deliver on our “whole of person” philosophy of care through cannabinoid therapies.

Patient services

medical cannabis doctor and patient
Access medicinal cannabis with patient-centered services

CA Clinics’ professional medical cannabis doctors treat patients via telehealth throughout Australia: ACT, NSW, Victoria, Queensland, Western Australia, Tasmania and South Australia.

We take care of any regulatory ‘red tape’, cutting the time taken for patients to begin medicinal cannabis treatments.

It’s as easy as having your regular GP or specialist provide us a current doctor’s referral and medical history. Our team will take care of the rest.

Doctor services

Medicinal cannabis & CBD oil Australia Doctors Australia at CA Clinics

Our team of GPs, nurse practitioners and specialists in addiction, pain, emergency and psychiatry help provide a quality and convenient medicinal cannabis treatment option for their patients.

Often forming part of a broader treatment plan and multidisciplinary team care arrangement, the aim is to provide enhanced patient wellbeing.

Upon receiving a referral and medical history the team at Cannabis Access Clinics will manage the entire regulatory process and medicinal cannabis treatment plan with the patient whilst keeping the referring doctor regularly updated on progress. 

The team works closely with the DVA framework to provide appropriate medical cannabis care for suitable Veterans. 

Our consultations cost

Bulk billed

$ 0
  • Assess suitability
  • Consultation with nurse


$ 99
  • Referral & Medical History
  • Consultation with doctor

Monitoring Consultations

$ 49
  • Manage patient's progress
  • Consultation with doctor

For more details on pricing, including for DVA and rural patients and concession card holders, click here.

About CA Clinics

What to expect

Screening Appointment

A 15 minute call to assess suitability for medical cannabis therapies with our allied health professionals.

Book a Screening

Initial Consultation

Deep dive to create customised medicinal cannabis or specialist treatment plans.

Referral preferred

Post-Approval Consultation

Your treatment journey begins. You will see the doctor again after government approval. We look after all red tape!

Ongoing Monitoring

Active progress management and adjustments to treatments where needed.

We proudly support

Research Initiatives

Investigating CBD therapy options.
With medicinal cannabis therapies being such a fresh and growing space, research for safety and efficacy is becoming increasingly important. That's why we've partnered with Applied Cannabis Research to recruit participants for observational studies.
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Rural & Remote

Access throughout Australia.
We have worked towards safe and rapid accessibility of medical cannabis treatments to patients all over Australia with our telehealth, bulk billed consultations.
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Veteran Health

Supporting our veterans.
Recognising the unique needs of our veterans, we have specialised treatment packages specific to them.
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