Australia’s Medicinal Cannabis Network CA Clinics Expands Specialist Offering to DVA Services

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Australia’s Medicinal Cannabis Network CA Clinics Expands Specialist Offering to DVA Services

Media release: 2 March 2021

In a positive development for supporting the health of veterans, CA Clinics, Australia’s first medicinal cannabis clinic network, is excited to announce that its lineup of specialist offerings has been expanded to include dedicated Department of Veterans’ Affairs clinics.

CA Clinics recognises the unique needs of Australia’s veteran community and the desire for effective treatment options, which may include medicinal cannabis. The addition of a highly qualified DVA rehabilitation specialist to CA Clinics’ expert team will increase access and comprehensive care for Australian DVA patients seeking these alternative treatment options.

We expect that the addition of a doctor who specialises in supporting the DVA patient group will make it easier for veterans to get DVA approvals and enable suitable patients to obtain approval in 4-6 weeks.  All doctor and product costs are expected to be covered by the DVA. 

CA Clinics is committed to better serving the needs of our returned servicemen and women with a faster, more streamlined and focused port of specialised care, backed by an Allied Health Team and full liaison with the patient’s personal doctors. 

Dr Mark Hardy, Medical Director and Addiction Specialist at CA Clinics commented:
“CA Clinics is committed to supporting the physical and mental health of our veterans and continues its program to facilitate access for vet patients to DVA-funded medicinal cannabis. The addition of a specialist who is dedicated to our veteran patients improves the team approach to chronic illness care for those who need it most, and in this case, who have served our country”.

Dr John Barlow, Principle Investigator at Applied Cannabis Research commented:
“Applied Cannabis Research continues to explore the impact of medicinal cannabis on chronic pain in veterans through the CA Clinics Observational study (CACOS) program*. The study will help further our understanding of how medicinal cannabis therapy options may be best applied to maintain the health of veterans and other patients, particularly in the older age bracket”. 

*For healthcare professionals and interested veterans:

For more details regarding this study or medical cannabis treatment pathways, please call CA Clinics at 1300 991 477 [email protected] and read about our veteran health and research program here.

: AJD Media: [email protected] or call 0459034092

CA Clinics is the first pioneering network of medicinal cannabis clinics in Australia, helping patients with chronic conditions to access better health outcomes and improve their quality of life. Its focus on a wide offering of specialised healthcare professionals such as in oncology, pain, palliative care and rehab sets it apart from other medicinal cannabis clinics.

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