CA Clinics Veterans Program

CA Clinics recognises the unique needs of our veterans community and the need for alternative treatment options specific to their conditions, often presenting with a range of Chronic pain, mental health and other associated conditions

Our Veterans’ Program is aimed at providing cost effective treatment options under the Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA) framework.

We believe research into these therapies is critically important to continuing to advance the wellbeing of our Veterans especially in the area of mental health.

We have aligned with Applied Cannabis Research to conduct further studies on our Veterans’ health outcomes as a result of using these treatment and therapy options.

How does the DVA program work?

Doctors managing the ongoing treatment of their DVA patients can refer to CA Clinics as part of their Care plan arrangement. We will assess and seek approval for use and funding of ongoing therapies and associated product costs via the DVA pathway.A two step approval model.
  1. Standard TGA Approval - normal process for all patients
    • If approved - your patients will be able to start medication at their own cost
    • We will then submit a new application to the DVA
  2. DVA application and approval - we prepare a detailed application on behalf of you and your patient citing their condition, specialist support and evidence supporting the recommended treatment.
    • If DVA approves your patient may be able to access funded medication.

Please note the TGA and DVA operate under different assessment criteria, approval by one agency does not automatically mean approval will be given by the other agency.

Both schemes assess each case on its individual merits, as such there are no guarantees that approval will be granted

How can you help your Veteran patients?

Discuss treatment options available to them and suggest they arrange a 15 minute, $25, telehealth, screening appointment with CA Clinics to better understand their suitability

If suitable we then make a booking with one of our doctors to assess their case, make a recommendation on ongoing treatment and submit approval applications

What do we need from you to assist the process

  • Referral and detailed medical history
  • Ensure that your patient is a holder of a DVA Gold Card or holds a DVA White Card which covers the condition being treated
  • Your patient has the support of a treating specialist for their condition - we can assist with coordinating this if necessary
  • Whilst approvals are specific to each patient case we are seeing increasing support from the DVA for patients where there have Chronic Pain or Chronic Pain plus related mental health conditions.

Research studies in Veterans’ treatment options

CA Clinics is a strong advocate of the need for research and studies to form the basis for advancing therapies that may offer viable options for patients struggling to get their desired outcomes from more traditional approaches.

We have partnered with Applied Cannabis Research (ACR) to recruit possible study candidates and provide consultations services to the participants. CA Clinics doctors actively monitor participant progress during the study.

ACR, run a range of Ethics approved observational studies and specifically into the treatment Pain and PTSD in the Veterans community.

If you have patients who you think may be potential candidates for these studies or would like to find out more details about these or other studies underway please contact us for more information.

Supporting our veterans

CA Clinics is a proud supporter of Soldier On, an organization that works side by side with those who serve and protect Australia, and their families, helping them to secure their future.