CA Clinics Rural & Remote Program

CA Clinics believes strongly in quality, accessible and timely care for people regardless of their location. We treat patients throughout Australia.

We recognise that it can sometimes be difficult for Australians living in rural and remote areas to access the care they require when needed.

Our Rural and Remote Program allows regional doctors to offer their patients the same additional treatment options available to their city based counterparts.

A simple referral will provide access to timely, convenient and affordable care with our highly experienced team of specialists using our Bulk Billed, Telehealth service.

How does the Rural & Remote Program work?

Regional doctors managing the ongoing treatment of their patients who have exhausted conventional therapies and are investigating other treatment options can refer to CA Clinics as part of their Care plan arrangement.

1. Initial Assessment

Using our Telehealth system, a Specialist will assess, and where appropriate, prepare and seek approval for the recommended therapy or medication. As the treating Doctor you will be kept advised of recommendations and outcomes

2. Ongoing care

Your patients will continue to be seen by the Specialist, who will regularly monitor their progress and adjust treatment regimes where necessary. Again, you will be kept updated of any changes.

3. Medications

Local pharmacies should be able to support your patient’s medication requirements. Should you need assistance in this area we may be able to assist by identifying pharmacies we know have provided medications to other patients in your area