Medical Cannabis Perth

Accessing medical cannabis clinics in Western Australia

CA Clinics conducts telehealth consultations for our patients in Perth looking to attain a prescription for medicinal cannabis or CBD oil.

Whether you’re in Perth or anywhere else in Western Australia, CA Clinics have simple and easy to arrange free screening consultations available online. Screening appointments take about 15 minutes and assess your condition to determine if there is evidence indicating medical cannabis may benefit your symptoms, as well as to confirm that you’ve already tried conventional treatments available.

What conditions can medical cannabis be approved for?

The five main conditions that the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) provides guidance for the use of medical cannabis are:

Other common conditions where medical cannabis may be prescribed include, but certainly aren’t limited to:

Indications for medical cannabis aren’t limited to this list. However, for TGA approval, the prescribing doctor must present some scientific evidence that supports to use of medical cannabis or CBD oil for a medical condition in reducing specific symptoms.

How much does medical cannabis in Western Australia cost?

The first Screening Appointment is free and can be booked here or by calling 1300 991 477. If your condition meets eligibility criteria, the Initial Consultation assessing your condition and potential treatment options is $99. Following that, patients who receive TGA approval have additional costs for monitoring appointments and the price of the prescription. 

At present, Australian medical cannabis patients are estimated to be paying between $14-$91 per week for medical cannabis prescriptions, this varies depending on the condition and dose required.

The Pharmaceuticals Benefits Scheme does not currently cover medical cannabis or CBD oil prescriptions. Patients pay the full cost of the medicine. Fortunately, local research shows medical cannabis prices are considered reasonable by the wider public and are comparable in price to black-market cannabis. This information encourages individuals to seek out quality cannabinoid healthcare with safe and tested products. More information on medical cannabis clinic cost can be found here.

Medical cannabis approval waiting time

On average, CA Clinics have found that medical cannabis approvals in Western Australia come in 2-4 days after application. The approval processing time can vary given the complexity of individual cases. While some applications are granted as quickly as 24 hours, others can take a little longer, perhaps up to a week.


How long does it take for my medicinal cannabis to arrive?

After TGA approval, the cannabis medicine needs to be ordered by your prescribing pharmacist. Pharmacies aren’t legally allowed to carry stock of medical cannabis products so depending on where the product is sourced, local or international, medical cannabis prescriptions can take between 1-3 weeks to arrive.


What does a medical cannabis telehealth appointment look like?

Telehealth appointments are conducted over the phone or video call. The main difference between face-to-face appointments and telehealth consultations is that the doctor cannot conduct any physical examinations. Therefore, they may ask extra questions of you or your regular GP, potentially requesting blood tests or other investigations depending on your presentation and medical history.

Otherwise, telehealth functions much the same as a normal doctors appointments with the physician inquiring about all aspects of your health, medical history and the presenting condition to determine the best treatment pathway for you. 

Telehealth provides easier access to healthcare services for those whose mobility, time restraints, location or health conditions may prevent them from accessing medical services.

Why CA Clinics in Perth?

CA Clinics is the first and largest medical cannabis network in Australia since the sector’s inception in 2016. Our experienced doctors and nurses have extensive knowledge and training in medical cannabis and the endocannabinoid system.

CA Clinic doctors are well versed in the numerous medical cannabis and CBD oil products available and use the tenants of personalised medicine to ensure the most appropriate prescription and dose for your condition and unique needs.

Our doctors are leaders in the local medical cannabis community with many involved in medical cannabis research and clinical trials to expand the knowledge base of medical professionals and patients alike.


Can I access medical cannabis outside of Perth?

No matter where in Western Australia you are located, even in the most remote areas, CA Clinic services are available via telehealth from anywhere in the state or country. We’ve answered other Frequently Asked Questions on medical cannabis and if you want more information, contact us via email [email protected] or on 1300 991 477.