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CA Clinics removes $250 compliance fee for eligible candidates

CA Clinics have waived their $250 compliance fees for eligible Veterans suffering from chronic pain, removing a key cost barrier for Veterans looking to participate in the Applied Cannabis Research (ACR) run CACOS Observational Study.

CACOS investigates the impact of medicinal cannabis on chronic pain for Australia’s Veterans community.

This move is in response to feedback from referring doctors and likely participants, and ensures a more representative sample of Veteran patients. Successful candidates will be enrolled in the program.

Improves accessibility to CACOS study into medicinal cannabis treatment for chronic pain sufferers amongst Veterans

Key Participant Eligibility Criteria:
  • Australian Veterans being treated for chronic pain conditions
  • Applicable to DVA Gold Card and White Card holders where their pain condition is covered
  • Patient has tried conventional therapies without the desired outcome
  • Treating Doctor to provide a referral and Health Summary
  • Treating pain specialist supportive of medicinal cannabis treatment

Medication may be funded once DVA approval is granted.

Veterans are a unique and often underserved sector of our community. The study aims to help shape future treatment options for them by reviewing the effectiveness of medicinal cannabis treatments on Veteran patients, where traditional treatment plans and medications have not delivered the desired outcomes.

Potential study participants will be screened to determine whether they meet the criteria for the study before engaging in recruitment.

Before proceeding, Doctors and prospective participants should discuss whether possible participation in this study is suitable for their individual conditions and situation.

Medicinal Cannabis Clinics 

CA Clinics will manage the entire medicinal cannabis process, initial screening of patients for suitability, assess their condition, develop a recommended treatment plan, prepare and apply for any regulatory approvals and then regularly manage and adjust the patient’s ongoing treatment.

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