About CA Clinics

A team of professionals, academics and researchers with the knowledge and skills to access and safely treat patients through medical cannabis therapies in conjunction with Australian laws.

The Clinic

CA Clinics manage patients from start to finish for legal treatment of medical cannabis therapies:

  • Preliminary screening for suitability

  • Initial Consultation and development of a treatment plan

  • Regulatory approvals

  • Ongoing management of progress

  • Regular updates with the patient’s general practitioner

A simple Referral (preferred not required) and Medical History from your doctor to CA Clinics will get the ball rolling. We will take care of the rest!

As early innovators of the cannabinoid therapy space in Australia, CA Clinics has built up a wealth of clinical knowledge and experience by consulting with thousands of patients and referring doctors.

We also understand the subtleties of meeting the needs of treating doctors and managing their often vulnerable patients.

Benefits to doctors

  • Broader range of treatment options
  • Active management of your patient’s progress
  • Regular patient monitoring
  • Collaboration with a patient’s existing GP & specialists
  • Most current clinical cannabis research 
  • Medication agnostic – the right cannabis medication for the patient’s condition
  • Offer of a Cannabis Team Care Arrangement

Benefits to your patient

  • Quick and convenient access to treatment
  • Highly experienced medical team trained in prescribing CBD and THC products
  • Range of specialists for complex cases
  • Customised treatment to each patient’s needs
  • Access to a broad range of cannabinoid medication options including
  • Australian CBD and THC oils
  • Ongoing medical cannabis care – regular monitoring of progress and wellbeing
  • Convenience of Telehealth model

TGA Special Access Scheme Therapies

Working in accordance with TGA Guidance documents, we consult patients with conditions such as:

Our team

Carlota Sacristan

Case Manager

Dr Mark Hardy, CA Clinics medicinal cannabis doctor
Dr. Mark Hardy

Medical Director

Sharisse Marks

Practice Manager